Fresh, healthy nutritious food for schools and colleges
Fresh, healthy nutritious food for schools and colleges
Fresh, healthy nutritious food for schools and colleges

Alliance in Partnership
Specialists in Education Catering

AiP provide fresh, healthy nutritious food and professional catering solutions to primary and secondary schools and colleges.

Established in 1998, today we serve over 75,000 meals per day in 400 Schools and Colleges.

Our partnerships are long lasting and we realise that no two schools or colleges are the same.

We produce quality, fresh, locally sourced and seasonal meals at affordable price and offer a solution for our clients regardless of their circumstances.

What we do…

At Alliance in Partnership, we deliver a wide variety of healthy, bespoke and cost-efficient solutions to schools and colleges. We range from providing small primary schools with 30 meals a day to large secondary schools of over 2000 students. Our main aim is to satisfy our consumers and for them to feel proud of their contract caterers. We don’t just want to provide the food; we want to become part of the school.
What we do

Our Commitment to you

Our Commitment to you…

We work very hard as an organisation to constantly challenge and innovate our ideas to keep up with everchanging pace of the new generation’s requirements. We understand that the modern student has very different purchasing habits to even just a few years ago, in order to keep up we are constantly researching and innovating by going back to basics and speaking to the students, we figure this is the best way to find out exactly what they want!




Our promise to our customers and the world in which we live is to become as sustainable as possible. We incorporate local farmers produce wherever we can, ensure local, seasonal fruit and vegetables are used in all our kitchens within all our menus.

One of our goals is to have minimal impact on the environment, we are continuously looking for new ideas and ways of limiting the single use plastics. We now have schools that are completely plastic free including bottles, plastic wrap and any single use food holders.

Our Brands


Food Smart is our Primary School brand incorporating food characters to liven up the dining experience whilst underpinning our fresh food approach. Food Smart creates a dining area with bright vibrant colours to help appeal to primary school children.


Feed Me is our secondary school branding incorporating a variety of colourways to enhance the dining space. We look to work with our clients and customers in finalising the colourway giving a real wow factor to the students and staff in the dining space.

6th Form

The Forum is our 6th form brand and gives a clear definition between secondary and 6th form and one that is reflected in the offer as well as visually.


Latest News


AIP has recently secured primary school business in the West Midlands worth almost £600,000.

There are six new contract wins in Walsall, Kings Heath, Birmingham, Stoke on Trent, Tamworth, Solihull and Dudley. 

All the schools will see new look AiP ‘Food Smart’ primary school branding in the dining and serving areas, along with menus featuring freshly cooked meals made, where possible, from locally sourced ingredients.

Five of the schools hold silver Food for Life status, while one is a bronze Food for Life school. Two of the schools will be adopting AiP’s School Food United on-line parent portal programme, which aims to support families and make paying for school food easier. School Food United encourages a collaborative approach between AiP, its clients, and the wider parents and pupil community, to help drive uptake of paid and free school meals.

Matt Garner, Managing Director – Sodexo Government Schools & Alliance in Partnership said:

“These new business wins are great news for AiP in a tough year for schools meals provision. Our focus is on delivering AiP’s fresh food principles in each of the schools, by offering a three-course lunch service with daily salad bar and home cooked bread along with breakfast service in a couple of the contracts too. We’ll also be supporting schools with their healthy eating policies and encouraging meal uptake through theme days and special events.”