Laura Brimacombe

Laura Brimacombe

Business Development Director
How long have you worked for AiP/ Sodexo:
5 years

Favourite food:
So difficult to choose! I have a few favourites poached eggs, calamari, proper pizzas and mushrooms!

Favourite food to cook/bake:
Anything that’s a one-pot recipe!

Best school meal memory:
The lovely team that cooked & served our food with a smile on their face every day 🙂

Why do you love working for AiP
Working for an organisation that has a clear purpose has always been vital for me. At AiP I have the chance to work with teams that enhance the school meal experience for 1000s of children every day! By introducing young people to new foods, encouraging them to develop healthy eating habits, and fuelling them for learning we make a positive difference to children’s lives while also putting a smile on their faces 🙂